The title says it all & it speaks for this whole blog. There is women & men who need to hear these words. There is boys & girls who need to hear this today. 

You can never hate yourself into loving yourself. You can’t look at yourself and hate who you are and what you do and what you look like and then think that one day all your hate will pay off because one day you’ll love yourself. That hate does not pay off, this hate is what leaves destruction, it’s what damages, and it’s what the devil wants from us. This self hate is what leads to eating disorders, addictions, & sometimes death. 

Take me as an example, I looked in the mirror everyday for almost a year and hated every bit of myself, from head to toe. I talked down to myself, I discouraged myself, & I tore myself apart because I thought one day all this self hate would turn into me loving myself. Until the day I weighed 110 pounds & looked at myself in the mirror and told myself I would never be loved, I would never be pretty, I tore apart every piece of myself and called myself unworthy, the enemy was at attack in my life & he was winning. I was defeated. I was exhausted of battling this. I was so tired of this self hate and so tired of losing this battle. 

I know how exhausting this is

I know you are ready to give up

I know you only wanted to feel “pretty” or be loved by someone 

Or maybe it was to feel appreciated

I know you feel alone 

I know you are hurting and you can’t think of a day that you won’t hate yourself anymore 

I know you are ready to end all of this 

I get it, I know the emotions you have right now, I know you are worn out from this. I know you are ready to stop this fight.

If this is you, listen to me, 

You don’t have to live this way anymore. You can be set free. You can live everyday knowing you are worthy because our Heavnly Father created you. You can look in the mirror and be totally in love with every bit of yourself and even in your bad days, you will be able to push the enemy out of your head because you will know that you are perfectly and wonderfully made. 

Maybe you aren’t a Christ follower & for you this means that you are ready to accept Christ. If that’s you then do not wait because you never know when your last day will be. 

Maybe you are a Christ follower and you are just ready to be set free from this. Gods grace is so overflowing in our lives & He’s ready for us to make this step of being set free.

Whether you are a believer or not, He’s waiting for you, He’s waiting for you to make this step because He wants you to now what He thinks about you.He wants you to dive into his word, & He wants you to look at yourself through His eyes instead of the worlds eyes.

Today I want everyone reading to know that you are unbelievably loved, you are also a daughter or son of the King. You are worthy. You are beautiful & you are all so incredibly Unique. Stop trying to define yourself from what the world says about you but define yourself by what Christ says about you. Our identity or worth is not found in this world, our identity is found in Christ!! 

Can I tell you that I took this step over 9 months ago & since then I wake up everyday set free, the shackles that once had me prisoned are off & I wake up and look in the mirror and remind myself that I am worthy! 

Thank you for reading!!