I’ve dreamed of writing a book about my story ever since I started recovery. I always thought would be later in life when I was much older and much wiser. I’ve decided that the more I put off this goal for my life, the harder it will be to achieve it. So, why not start off now?

This book is going to be about my story but not just for you guys to know about me but I want this to be a book of restoration and maybe the beginning of healing for you. I’m not the one brining this restoration and healing into your life, thats the Lord’s job. Maybe you are already rolling your eyes because I just talked about God and maybe you aren’t  a christian. Don’t close the book yet. Hear my story first and then you can decide for yourself whether you believe in my God or not. This book isn’t just for someone struggling with an eating disorder, I want this to be a book for anyone and everyone. Maybe you are in need of healing, restoration, love, grace, I’m not sure your struggle but I’m praying for you. I pray for anyone who reads this book, that God will prepare your heart and that He will begin showing you in what area in your life that you may need healing.

I’ve been in recovery from anorexia and bulimia for a little over two years now.