This is a very special blog about a very special person. Probably hands down the strongest man in my life. Someone who constantly seeks God first through everything he does.

Three years ago my dad was lost, broken, & exhausted from fighting this battle of alcoholism. He was tired of being a prisoner to this addiction.  A battle that the devil had thought he had won but as we know our God can knock down any barrier if you allow him to work through your life everyday. & that’s exactly what my dad did.

On August 3rd of 2013, my dad decided to seek Gods Kingdom daily & decided to dedicate his life to the plans Jesus had for him & because of that decision, today my dad celebrates 3 years of sobriety!!! 

An addiction that once had a huge hold on his life is now defeated!! 

A disease that once had him chained down like a prisoner, he’s now set free!!

My dad is the strongest man in my life because of his courage to let the world now that he’s not ashamed of who he once was. He is the best dad a girl could ask for! Not because of his sobriety but because of the example he is to my family, I’m so unbelievably blessed to have a Godly man in my life to look up to.

I wish every girl could have a role model in their life like my dad. He’s taught me how to love others & how to receive love. He reminds me daily of my worth and beauty. He lets me know how proud he is of me. He loves me even when I fail and he never lets his anger get the best of our relationship. He is the funniest man I’ll ever meet & knows exactly how to make me laugh. He has shown me what love is & how I deserve to be loved by the way he loves my mom, so unconditionally!!

Out of all the things my dad is, the most important thing is that my dad is a Godly man. 3 years ago my dad was still a great dad but his walk with Christ & his strength that God has formed in him has made him the best dad in the world! I’m so thankful for my dads passion for the Lord & his dedication to his recovery!!

My dad was once thought to be destroyed by this addiction but 3 years later, he gets to celebrate a new life that continues to grow because of his strength from Christ! 

Thank you for being you. I love you so much, daddy!!