Matthew 5:14

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”

I remember being somewhere around five years old and having a night light in my room. A night light that I would much rather have on, so I didn’t have to fear the dark. Sometimes I would just much rather have my tv on for some light as well. That little bit of light in my room shined bright enough just for me to feel safe. This little night light is just a comparison of how we should be in this world. We should be the night light that makes others feel safe, loved, and comforted.

Jesus is our light. He continues to give light to this world and He lights that fire inside of us for us to go into the world and shine bright for everyone to see! Wow, just in awe of how powerful that actually is!!

Again, Jesus is the one who lights that fire burning inside of us, but its our job to keep that fire burning!!

Think about all the times you’ve been to church camps, retreats, or maybe just really good nights at church. You leave just fired up and so ready for anything God puts in your path. How long does that fire keep burning? How long does it last? Usually, we go back to reality and realize how dark this world is. We fall back into society’s trap. The enemy is at attack daily and will try and stop that fire inside you burning for Jesus. Do not be discouraged, this will happen and I’m as guilty of them all. We are human, we sin, we make mistakes, and we aren’t perfect.

Its never too late to shine bright! You control whether that fire stops burning or if it continues to shine. Do not hide this light because you never know who just needs to see this light! I encourage all of you to be the light of the world everyday. Shine bright!!