Growing up, I never really understood the true meaning of “loving everyone”. I always listened but thought it was so impossible to love everyone because cmon, some people make it hard to love them.

God calls us to love EVERYONE. Not when it’s convient but every day!! He calls us to love them because Christ died for us! He loved us enough to die for us. Christ loved us so therefore we should love others.

I’m not saying this and telling you that it’s easy and just a simple fix because no it’s not! This is something that I continue to work on day in and day out. Loving people is hard because loving people that are appreciated of you is easy but loving someone who hurts you or is mean or whatever the case is, it’s hard. It’s hard because you feel unappreciated, or maybe you feel they don’t care for your feelings, maybe you feel that they don’t deserve your love. Not trying to burst your bubble, but they do deserve your love. I get it, they hurt you and they did really bad things to you that has brought pain to your life. That person needs your love. They need to know that us Christ followers are forgiving and loving. They need to know that we aren’t Judgemental. We have to spread our love!!

For some people, we are the only Christ followers they might know. We might be the closes they ever get to knowing Christ. So love them!! Day in & day out!

I understand they hurt you, I understand they might not appreciate you, I understand you think they don’t deserve your love. I’ve been there, I might be 18 but I have faced these heartaches and continue to sometimes but here’s the thing, what kind of Christian are we if we lash out because of hatred? I get its hard but God calls us to love everyone. & I’m sorry but I don’t believe in getting back at someone, if you do then who are you to be angry at them?

This week I could have lashed out and let my hurt and anger get the best of me but I decided to love. I decided to love and go at them with love even if it took a lot of me. Let go of your pride and stop being so prideful.

I know this blog sounds maybe cheesy but if you lashed out or was angry at someone for what they did to you and they died tomorrow, what would you feel like?

It’s never to late to love somebody. If this is what God wants from us then why can’t we love?

1 Peter 4:8 “above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins”