I wanted to write something like this because I think it’s very encouraging & when I write this, it reminds me to remember these things. 

You are hurt but you aren’t broken.

You are in pain but you aren’t destroyed

You are lonely but you aren’t alone

You are confused but you aren’t a mess 

Here’s the thing, a lot of us go through life and we go trough times in our life that just really hurt and we don’t understand but we can’t say we are broken, destroyed, alone, or a mess because we aren’t any of those things. Sure it feels that way but the truth is that this pain is just temporary. The hurt you are feeling today will one day be apart of your story.

Broken means lost, destroyed means can’t be fixed, lonely means hopeless, and being a mess means not okay. 

But you aren’t lost, you are found. This thing that you feel has broke you, whether it’s a loss, a breakup, a divorce, or just a hurtful situation. You have to remember that this isn’t destroying you. God will pour out His love and grace in your life. Being hopeless is thinking this won’t ever get better but it does. It gets better each day because God renewes your life and works in your life daily. 

The enemy is out there wanting to attack every chance He gets. He will make you feel destroyed, he will make you feel hopeless, alone, and broken. He will try to get in your head and give you a hurtful thought or a hurtful feeling. Pray, pray that God fills your heart with love. Pray for forgiveness, pray for the lord to forgive you so therefore you can forgive someone else. Pray for peace.

Life goes on, life gets better, and your life has a purpose.

Everything you go through is for a purpose and I know you hear that probably too much but it’s so true. You have to realize that Gods purpose for your life is worth hurting over. 

This week I have learned to love when it’s hard, I have learned that it’s okay to cry, I have learned that it’s okay to feel sad at times, I have learned to pray for forgiveness, I have learned to find joy even when negative is around you. I have learned that what I’m suffering with today will one day be apart of my story to maybe help other people with these feelings and maybe encourage others even when I’m in pain as well. Through the mess of this week, God has poured out his love in my heart and his grace.

He showed me that I might be hurt but i am NOT BROKEN! & neither are you. I hope this encouraged you to keep going on with your life even when you are hurting. 

I love all of you, thanks for reading!!