Well it’s been awhile since I’ve been writing but I’ve been crazy busy with graduating, work, mission trip, and church camp but tonight I’m feeling crazy inspired.

Can I first just say that God is so amazingly faithful, it blows my mind to see his grace being poured out into this world by genuine people who love him. This week I’m in Panama City at a church camp & im so amazed by how awesome it is that so many high school kids can just take a break from their crazy lives and just come to a place and just worship our Lord & just take in what God has for them to hear this week. I’m amazed by Gods amazing grace. I’m amazed that I serve an Incredible & loving God. I don’t really know what this blog will be about or be titled but I just want to take a moment to reflect on how awesome Jesus is.  

There is moments in our life that we will always remember, moments that we can’t get back but we would do anything to experience them once again. Worshiping tonight and seeing just kids of all ages lifting their hands up to Jesus with no shame was incredible! It was one of those moments. Or seeing people stand up tonight and declaring that they just gave their life to Christ, knowing that they just made the best decision of their lives was one of those moments. 

These moments is what encourages me to keep pushing. It’s what encourages me to remember that even though the world tells us we will be missing out by following Christ, God has a plan that is far greater than what society can give us!! Us, Christians, are not prefect, we  fall into temptation, we fail, and we sin just like everyone else but we have a God who loves us past our flaws. He pours out his grace & love to us daily!! He craves after us, he wants us to want him more than anything. Can you imagine  literally dying for someone so you can have eternal life and them not wanting you back? My small group talked about this the other day, we talked about how selfish we can be because we want a life that we think is the “normal” life because of what the world tells us but our Heavenly Father gave us life, he gave us a free & eternal life. Why wouldn’t we follow him? 

God has done amazing things this week at high school camp, thank you to everyone who has been praying for us!! 

I’ll be having a blog soon about my mission trip in Haiti which I’m very excited about!! Thanks for reading!