What does being brave mean to you? What do you define as “brave”? If I’m being honest I’ve never even thought about this but this week I’ve really started reflecting on being “brave”.

I think we can all say that we want to be defined as brave. Whether we consider ourselves brave or not, we should at least be trying to be. In order to be “brave” we have to have a definition of what it actually means. This question I’ve been stuck on this past week. What is brave? Who is brave? Why should we be brave?

What is brave?

I think brave is getting up everyday and choosing to live for Jesus.

I think brave is getting up out of bed everyday and fighting that depression. Or that anxiety. Or that eating disorder.

I think brave is getting out of that relationship that you know is only tearing you down.

I think brave is going to that 9 am – 5 pm job that you might hate but you know is putting food on the table for your family.

I think brave is choosing life for your baby even when you don’t see how you will do it.

I think brave is chasing that dream that looks impossible.

I think brave is knowing the your life is a mess but trying your best everyday to follow Jesus.

I think brave is admitting you are a sinner.

I think brave is fighting that addiction everyday. (Props to you Dad)

I think brave is going to college even if you can’t afford it.

I think brave is choosing to forgive someone even if you are still angry.

I think brave is going to school everyday even though you don’t know anyone.

I think brave is choosing to be content even when it seems you might have every reason not to.

I think brave is letting go of the past and moving forward.

I think brave is following Jesus in countries that you can be thrown in jail or persecuted if someone finds out.

What is brave to you?

Who is brave?

Jesus, He is the perfect example of being brave. Are you brave enough to being beaten, mocked, and crucified for the sins and mistakes of others?

I have so many people who have impacted my life and the more I’ve reflected this week the more I appreciate their impact on my life. There are people who are older and also younger who have impacted my life. I encourage you to remind them of how brave they are weekly. We need this encouragement. We need to spread this encouragement. Let these people who have impacted you life know just how impactful they are. Sometimes we need this to remind us to keep going. 

So, who’s brave to you? Let them know. 

Why should we be brave? 

Well, why wouldn’t you be brave?

The biblical story of Daniel and the lions den is the perfect example of why we should be brave. Daniel continued to worship and pray to God even when he knew that if he did this King Darius would throw him into a den filled with lions. Daniels faith never wavered. He was thrown into the den and came out scratch free. The best part for this story isn’t that he was safe and scratch free but that Daniels courage led to King Darius following Jesus.

King Darius saw how brave Daniel was and how faithful our God is and gave his life to Christ. 

Being brave attracts others! We shouldn’t want this attraction to be towards us but towards Jesus! 

What is it that God is calling you to do that takes a lot of courage? 

What is it that he’s calling you to be brave about?

What do you need to change today in order to be brave?

Because if not now, then when? 

& If not you, then who?